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A lot of people congratulated with us for the appeal of our new website and the vision we have communicated there. Many were attracted by the company name and raised the question about the meaning. 


Movalia is rolling

We, MOVALIA's start-up team, are ready to gain a new family beside the one we already have. Colleagues, partners, customers will be present in a large part of our days, many and many hours will be spent together to achieve success!


Our Way of working... Agile!

First of all, you have to understand what is agile methodologies. Agile approach isn't just a matter of work, is a culture born more than 60 years ago.


All eyes are pointed on passengers' security

The recent problems on passengers' safety are driving the ITS world and authorities to promote a more systematic integration of telematics platform, focused to contain the phenomenon of crimes in the public transport sector.