Sharing value with customers: the top of our priorities

A modern company in ITS and Smart Mobility cannot base its vision on a fast return of investments and occasional success with customers. A big part of the problem lies with the companies themselves which continue to optimize short-term financial performance, ignoring the influences that determine their longer term success. An alternative approach which Movalia (Mobility Value-Added Integrated Applications) adopts, is the principle of the “shared value” which involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society, by addressing its needs and challenges. 



Local, regional and national Mobility Managers involved in Traffic, Public Transport and Parking Management are Movalia’s major customers. One of their tasks is to plan and monitor the performances of ITS integrated applications. Most of the time they are called to take fast and efficient decisions, in order to guarantee an optimal traffic flow or to optimise the usage of transportation infrastructures. Movalia supports Mobility Managers with smart business analytics tools to make the right choice with few clicks, saving time and costs.


How can Movalia Help?
  • Outstanding dashboard applications
  • Powerful decision support systems 


Mobility operators in Public Transport, Traffic Management and Parking Systems on a local, regional and national basis (i.e. traffic police, control room operators, etc) are our major customers.  Operators mostly monitor and control mobility (i.e. traffic, public transports, parkings..) on a daily basis. Movalia is aware of how critical and crucial are their jobs.  Saving time and granting the security of operations in the networks under their management is therefore the focus in our solutions. 

How can Movalia Help?
  • Proactive traffic management systems
  • High security public transport management systems
  • Innovative parking management systems


Our end - user customers are those who travel or plan their journeys, at any time of the day to and from any kind of destination. Sometimes travelling can be stressing, longer and expensive than scheduled, due to unexpected events. Movalia APPs enhance users acceptance and support through augmented reality techniques, ambient intelligence logics and smart applications for payment services; this contributes to the overall objectives of reducing wasted time to travellers and to make their journeys safer and more comfortable. 


How can Movalia Help?
  • Augmented reality applications for mobility 
  • Ambient intelligence applications 
  • Smart payments services 

Movalia focus on protection of customers' investments and to make them more profitable.

Business Analytics and Big Data applications for ITS of Movalia helps mobility stakeholders to increase efficiency and return of investments.