...Who want to maximize the demand for their services, optimize their mobility capacity and rethink their business models, M-BUS is a suite of powerful tools that provides reports, data fusion and analysis, PT service certification processes, performance indicators.

Unlike a simple and “unused” data warehouse, our product integrates the economic boundary conditions for the service certification. It supports the quality monitor and integration of PT user information services. It’s open for the co-operation among different local PT operators on the territory.


...Who want to improve their operational duties giving more assistance to staff and travelers, M-BUS is a complete, innovative and distributed (center/on-board) fleet management solution (AVM/AVL) that provides intuitive and user friendly interfaces for: vehicles monitoring and localization, check of regularity, service tracking and optimization, diagnostic and maintenance, on line communication and interaction with drivers.

Unlike legacy and old style ITS, M-BUS goes further.

Our product has an open and modular architecture, it guarantees simple integration with third parties products and makes use of advanced technical solutions based on the newest IT and communications approaches.

It also provides on board integration with surveillance and passenger counting systems to improve safety and reduce violations. It provides integration and co-operation with other systems (UTC, Ticketing, etc.). 


...Who want comfortable services and a convenient and seamless travel experience across all transportation modes and operators.

The M-BUS is a suite of multimodal and advanced services and applications that provides unique end-user experience through different information media (i.e.  web sites, info Kiosks, APPS, on board displays and electronic stop signs) on bus arrival times, end-to-end route planning, infotainment contents, fares and ticket payment. Unlike traditional applications available from classic and old communication channels, our product integrates PT user services in the Smart Mobility applications supporting users in the travel planning phase, stimulating innovative travel experience and getting real-time feedbacks through socials, community, etc.