...Who want to plan parking management strategies with the support of reliable information, M-Park is a powerful tool for the analysis of key variables such as parking lots occupancy trends, average or peak occupancy rates, statistics based on different time-slots, fares collection reports..

The achievable benefits of the solution are:

  • Structured access to the information represented with thematic reports, graphs and synthesis dashboards
  • Accurate documentation of the historic dynamic use
  • Support on defining fares policies
  • Support for planning the best parking areas’ locations
  • Comparison of results with the operational objectives


...Who are interested in managing street level or covered parking areas optimizing the service and costs, M-Park is an integrated platform which offers a complete set of functionalities for the operations.  

Through a modern logic architecture based on a WEB interface the solution offers:

  • A complete set of interfaces to devices and peripheral sensors such as information displays, access control units, parking lots sensors, cameras LPR (license plate recognition) until security and payments subsystems
  • Historic and real-time information on parking lots occupancy rates
  • Data about available parking slots based on the estimated drivers’ arrival time for use on variable message signs   
  • Subsystems diagnostic data (alarms) to support maintenance activities
  • Event or calendar – based operations and services

M-Park supports violations’ detections, estimates users’ origin’s trips (nation, province or region) and allows a more flexible use of information displays.     


...Who are all the travelers which accesses to parking areas, M-Park includes a set of services on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, PC..) which allow to:

  • Know the available parking lots in real time
  • Check the closest parking areas
  • Suggest the best choice depending on user’s origin position, destination and the available parking lots
  • Book parking lots
  • Notify the user’s parking expiring time
  • Extend the parking time

The solution is open to services like:

  • Info on intermodal transportation
  • User guidance to find out his parking lot 
  • Electronic NFC payments