Intelligent Transport Systems deployment can be boosted by the latest progress in ITC technologies. Movalia is committed to make it possible...

Movalia's applications platform on the cloud 

Our ITS application platform is scaled and on demand, ready for immediate use
on a cloud environment. It has an API (Application Programming Interface) 
driven approach which makes it suitable for plug-and-play deployment and continuous delivery and integration.  


Cameras, Loops, smartphones, sensors: ITS systems produce constantly enormous quantities of data. Most of them are simply dismissed or not used in the most efficient way. Our solutions, based on Big Data analytics techniques and deep knowledge of ITS applications domain, provide mobility managers with the “big picture”  they are looking for directly on their preferred device and shareable with their staff, give mobility centers operators the "decision support" they need in the form they can use, and offer mobile end-users  a "sixth sense" support to their info-mobility needs.


More and more the end-users of mobility’s services make access to the web as far as their life habits and leisure time is concerned (i.e. home to work journeys, park and ride, access to downtown, etc.). What if your mobile application might give you the answer to your recurrent and actual needs even before you ask? The techniques we use, anticipate and forecast your intended actions, suggesting alternatives and supporting you during the whole time of your journey.


Usability and lean approach are at the top of Movalia’s priorities while developing interfaces. We strongly believe that interfaces are the result of a continuous interaction with the customer to assure a satisfactory user experience. Most common features are:

  • Real time interaction
  • Appealing look and feel
  • Nimble design
  • Responsiveness 


Our Agile and Extreme Programming approach fits perfectly with the nature of ITS projects. It allows us to speed up the entire developing process, keeping the customer always updated and directly involved about the solution’s development phases, in order to make it progressively suitable to his needs. The people in our team are our first strength, and “working software” is the meter we use to evaluate our job.


Movalia’s solutions are fully integrated with cloud based services as well as with on premises enterprise applications applying an iPass integration model. iPass is the next generation integration platform for integrating cloud applications and with on-premises and legacy applications.

Integration platform as a service, provides a secure enterprise way, allowing application teams to integrate and orchestrate their enterprise applications along with their cloud-based services. The platform is architected with ultimate high availability and reliability in mind, and gives IT staff full manageability and visibility into flows, messages and other services. Moreover, end-users get the full benefits of the cloud, including multi-tenant isolation for data security and integrity, elasticity to scale with demand, the convenience of self-service sign-up and provisioning, and a cost-effective pay-as-you-grow model.


We strongly care about your data and application security. Our solutions are based on the best security technologies available, ensuring that both data and intellectual property are fully protected. The infrastructure is housed in data centers based on high level security requirements, protected by extensive network and security monitoring systems. Our cloud data center (accredited with all relevant ISO certifications), runs applications in different geographic regions and offers maximum resiliency against system outages.