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All the eyes are pointed on passengers' safety

The recent problems on passengers' safety are driving the ITS world and authorities to promote a more systematic integration of telematics platform, focused to contain the phenomenon of crimes in the public transport sector.

The recent implementation of CCTV systems on board, at bus stops and in public transport interchanges hubs (i.e. parking, rail stations, waiting rooms, etc.) combined with more and more frequent video surveillance systems integrated with SOS devices for emergency calls are meant to enhance security by complementing usual Public Transport Management solutions. They offer to passengers a greater perception of security and prevention of assaults, fights, micro-crimes as well as damages and vandalism.

It will become more and more important for future AVM/AVL systems to integrate security management services with traditional functionalities and prevent by this inefficiency of infrastructures and reduction of public transportation attractiveness. 

Riccardo Bigotti